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Store ID & password securely and create strong yet easy-to-remember passwords.


Wise Password Manager Free is designed to help manage your login IDs and passwords securely and systematically. It saves you from going through the trouble of creating and remembering multiple passwords. You can store all your online memberships and subscriptions in this free password manager, without risk of info leaks. Meanwhile, it provides a password generator that can create super strong passwords that meet the complexity requirements and are still easy to remember.

In this free password manager you can set up an archive for each login, including info like customizable site name, URL, notes, ID & password. It allows directly visiting the site by a launch button. You can store the logins in one or more archives as well as add password protection to them. Creating desktop shortcuts to load the archives is also a convenient bonus.

Password Management

Password Management

Using a password manager application to manage your login IDs and passwords is a great help in organizing your digital life. Wise Password Manager Free is powerful and unique password management software that helps integrate the site name, URL, login ID, notes & password into one archive. You can add, modify, delete and manage logins in 1 easy centralized place. It will relieve you of the password management chore while offering you complete security and peace of mind.

How to Save Passwords Securely? Video Tutorial

How to Manage Passwords for Websites?

How to Modify & Delete Archives?

Powerful Password Generator

Powerful Password Generator

A random password generator is integrated with Wise Password Manager Free which saves your time meditating for passwords. The customizable password generator generates strong passwords which have upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and characters with different templates. You are allowed to specify the desired length and character types of the password and copy password to clipboard for further usage. The strong and complex password makes it uncrackable and keep your data safe from any password cracking tools.

How to Generate Passwords?

Import & Export Data

Import & Export Data

Wise Password Manager Free is able to import and export your password databases. You can export your data to a ZIP file that will be convenient for opening general access passwords, printing, or saving a backup copy. And on contrary, all of exported data including credit card numbers, bank account numbers, identification numbers, software/hardware serial numbers and so on can be easily imported in one database.

How to Import Logins from another Archive?

Only One Password to Remember

Only One Password to Remember

Wise Password Manager Free is a free open source password manager, which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key. It gives you an opportunity to remember one master password instead keeping in mind heaps of them. What you need to do is to remember one single master password to unlock the whole database. Stop remembering passwords!

Protect Against Data Theft

Protect Against Data Theft

This free password manager stores your confidential data such as user names, passwords, and account numbers so you can have one convenient place to go when you need to look up that information. It keeps all your sensitive data in a secure password storage protected with a strong encryption to protect against data theft!

Add Passwords to Archives for Protection

Create Shortcuts for Archives

Create Shortcuts for Archives

Wise Password Manager Free provides an effective and secure solution to easily access your archives. It enables you to create desktop shortcut for each archive and gives a name for this shortcut. If you have many archives that you need to frequently open, this is a convenient solution.

How to Create Desktop Shortcuts to Load Archives?

Why should I choose Wise Password Manager Free

DotFree Password Manager

Wise Password Manager Free is a free open source password manager for personal and commercial use, which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. Without spending a penny or registry, you will enjoy free update & technical support in lifetime!

DotSecure Your Data

As a full-featured password manager, Wise Password Manager Free lets you store passwords, user IDs, and related information together in a safe place. It supports the widest range of data security standards so you can implement secure data access policies to secure your data.

DotMake Your Passwords Stronger

The security of your data depends directly on the strength of your passwords. And many people use similar, if not identical, passwords for multiple accounts, leaving you vulnerable if a single password is cracked. Wise Password Manager Free can generate random, strong passwords for you that are extremely difficult to crack. Just generate unique passwords for your individual accounts preventing your login information from being stolen.

DotEase of Use

Featuring with clean and easy to use intuitive interface, Wise Password Manager Free lets you manage your login password without hassle. Furthermore, it is extremely convenient with only one master password for you to remember and desktop shortcut function. No matter you are professional or not, just few clicks will finish the password management.

What are the system requirements?



Intel Pentium 3 500MHz or equivalent processor

At least 256 MB RAM

50 MB free hard disk space

Graphics mode 800x600, 16-bit color

Internet Explorer 6

Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8


Intel Pentium 4 1GHz or equivalent processor

512 MB RAM

Minimum 100 MB free hard disk space

Graphics mode 1024x768 true color (highest 32-bit)

Internet Explorer 7

Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Wise Password Manager Free


Wise Password Manager Free
Wise Password Manager Free

Editor's Review

Brothersoft - Editor's Pick
We didn't encounter any problems about downloading, installation or using. So we give it our five-star rate and recommend this handy password manager to anyone who is interfered by password management.

Tucows - Five Cows
The password manager software does what it is supposed to do and performs well without a glitch, which explains why we see it's in our top-ranked list.


Save Passwords Video Tutorial

Manage Passwords for Websites

Generate Passwords

Modify & Delete Archives

Create Desktop Shortcuts to Load Archives

Add Passwords to Archives for Protection

Import Logins from another Archive

Did you know?
Wise Password Manager Free helps manage website login IDs and passwords to protect your important information. 100% Freeware.

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