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How to Modify & Delete Archives?


Step 1. Activate Password Generator

Step 2. Modify & Delete the Archive

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Wise Password Manager Free 5.4.5 or later
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    Using a password manager application to manage your login IDs and passwords is a great help in organizing your digital life. Wise Password Manager Free allows you to add, modify, delete and manage logins in 1 easy centralized place. It will relieve you of the password management chore while offering you complete security and peace of mind.

Step 1. Open an Archive

    Launch Wise Password Manager Free and click "Open" in "File" tab to choose an archive file and all the site names will be listed in the program window.

Open an Archive

Step 2. Modify & Delete the Archive

    Switch to "Edit" tab. Choose the archive you want to modify and click "Modify a site" to activate the site editor and you can edit its name, URL, user name, password, etc.

Modify a Site

    If you want to remove a site from the list, select it and click "Delete a site".

Delete a Site


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